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Adv. Adi Chen
Family Law, Wills, Inheritances, and International Estates


Adv. Adi Chen is a Family and Inheritance lawyer as well as a mediator who owns a law firm. The firm specializes in family law, wills and inheritance, including international aspects (such as civil marriage, international inheritance and estates, etc.). 
Adv. Chen has extensive experience and vast skill in case management and personally-customized legal strategy construction. Her broad academic knowledge in combination with her extensive experience provide her with a great advantage in the management of proceedings. Adv. Chen meticulously maintains the uncompromising professionalism and thoroughness while strictly maintaining the privacy and discreetness of her clients. The firm’s clients, who include prominent figures and celebrities as well as senior executives and officials in the Israeli economy and abroad, receive a personal and supportive service during the dispute period, which is characterized by difficult dilemma and crises, with their interests, and the interests of their children, above all.
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Practice Areas & Legal Services
Adv. Chen has been practicing family law and international wills, inheritance and estates for 23 years. The firm offers a wide variety of services in these areas
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International Wills, Inheritance, and Estates
Adv. Chen specializes in international wills and inheritance law and estates. She has a broad academic knowledge and extensive proficiency in handling complex disputes in these areas and managing complex legal battles in such cases.
She provides legal counsel, handling, and support including the legal representation in the various courts and tribunals. Owing to her academic and research work, she has work relationships with foreign law scholars and experts, from various countries. She also specializes in the legal facilitation of heirs’ claims and disputes concerning heirs’ benefits and pensions.
Family Law

Adv. Chen has the longstanding expertise and extensive proficiency in handling diverse and complex family law issues and she appears before all of the various judicial tribunals in these matters.

Some of which are specified below:

  • Common law marriage;

  • Joint marriage agreements;

  • Civil marriage;

  • Mixed-couples marriages and permissions;

  • Domestic violence and harassment;

  • Nuptial agreements;

  • Family and inheritance matters in the LGBT community (registration of civil marriages, joint living agreements, properties disputes, child support, marriage permissions, custody and more);

  • Sperm theft lawsuits;

  • Paternity inquiries;

  • Parenting agreements;

  • Divorce claims;

  •  Marital harmony claims;

  • Ktuba claims;

  • Property and assets claims;

Family Time
  • Married woman alimony;

  • Civil alimonies for common-law and civil marriage      spouses;

  • Child support, including lawsuits for increasing or reducing child support;

  • Division and break-up of properties;

  • Custody and setting visitation rights;

  • Immigration claims;

  • Actions for returning abducted children;

  • Guardianships;

  • Lasting power of attorney;

  • Declaration of minor-in-need;

  • Eviction and appropriate usage payment claims;

  • Posthumous fertilization and sperm retrieval;

  • Grandparents’ rights for seeing their grandchildren.

Signing Contract
Lasting Power of Attorney and Expression of Will Documents
Adv. Chen was certified to prepare lasting power of attorney and expression of will documents.
Community Outreach
Adv. Adi Chen is active in children rights, family, and inheritance legislation. For example, she is active in amending the legal situation in solving the problem of domestic economic violence, amendment of the surrogacy law to enable surrogacy procedures in Israel for single man and women; the amendment of the child adoption law, posthumous fertilizations and the right of war causalities’ parents to generational continuity, an amendment to the infants custody rule, the foster care law, parental alienation and more. Widows, orphans, and disabled children, who are underprivileged, gain immediate assistance for exercising various rights, voluntarily.
In addition, in 2016, Adv. Adi Chen established the Family Clinic in the Academic Center of Law and Sience, which she manages and heads, where students provide pro bono initial legal support to citizens across Israel.
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